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Episode 7: Jenny Rincon

Welcome to Episode #7 of FriendsBeer.Coffee: An Autobiographical Podcast for the Hell of It. I am your host, Joel Gratcyk, road trip warrior and live music fan.

Today’s guest is my Jenny Rincon. We used to spend a lot of time together doing road trips, attending concerts, and all sorts of fun group activities.

We made it from Highland, IN to Chicago, IL without a plan on how to get back… LOL

And it turns out we don’t have any decent photos together. Our cameras back then were not fancy or used well. Ha!

We’ve lost touch over the last ten years or so and I though it would be great to reconnect and spend some time catching up.

Hanging out in DC after dark.

Most of this episode is light hearted but there are a few deep moments regarding past hurt, abuse, and general religious speak.

Hope you enjoy listening.

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